Therry LaCore

After beginning his networking career at the young age of 19, Terry quickly grasped the inner workings of network marketing, and began making a lasting impact on the industry. Terry went on to hold, and excel in, positions of ownership, directorship and management with several history-making network marketing companies. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of this century’s network marketing revolution. As a true visionary, Terry understands the big picture and gauges his own success by the successes of others.

Jan Sarfelt

Jan started his career as an Independent Distributor when he was 20 years old. By the time he was 32, he became a top Distributor in one of the largest companies in Direct Sales. He has been selected for prestigious awards multiple times thanks to his innovative and forward-thinking approach on the industry. Being a top Distributor for decades, Jan has the best possible background for making sure that b:hip continues to be a unique opportunity for everybody, and for promoting our products and business worldwide. Jan’s knowledge, success and experience make him extremely aware of what needs to be provided from the corporate side to achieve success.

Michael Sarfelt

Michael began his career in Direct Sales at the young age of 16. After years of struggle, hard work and extreme dedication, he became the number one Distributor in Thailand for one of the largest Direct Sales companies in the world. A few years later, Michael decided to join b:hip and built an impressive business in South-East Asia with a turnover of millions of USD per month. His clear understanding of the industry makes him a great leader and role model for Distributors all over the world. With a visionary mindset and groundbreaking methods, Michael plays a key part in continuing to build and expand the b:hip business worldwide.

Karin Sarfelt

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Karin perfectly understands the complexities of a rapidly expanding global business. Her outstanding organization and planning skills are the basis of her work in putting together b:hip’s amazing Promotions. She is the person you can count on to remind Distributors how hard work and dedication bring unbelievable rewards. Encouraging, reliable and supportive, Karin also makes sure that b:hip contributes in helping our local communities by working actively with organizations that care about people’s well-being.