Incentive trip

At Bhip One we have Incentive Trips to all around the world.

The program is designed to inspire and influence Distributors in their efforts of running a successful business. Our goal is that leading Distributors feel recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

Incentive Trips are a motivational tool to enhance productivity and reach certain objectives. Distributors that wish to participate must qualify by achieving a certain level of performance, which is pre-defined by the terms of each individual Incentive Program.

The purpose of these Incentive Trips is not just about sending people to an amazing destination with their colleagues. They are also about creating an environment where Distributors can celebrate their accomplishments with their peers, feel part of an elite group, and get personal recognition for their achievements.

It is a great opportunity to share, learn, network, and form deeper relationships in a relaxed leisure environment.

The chosen destination for the 2020 Bhip Incentive Trip is Ibiza.  Famous for its nightlife and electronic dance music, this Balearic Island in the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect scenario for our top Distributors to enjoy amazing beaches and breathtaking sunsets as a reward for their hard-work and dedication.