Children of the forest

B:hip cares about the underprivileged children in our local communities. We are fortunate to be able to help children to a better future and we are proud to support an amazing life changing project - Children of the forest in Thailand, that helps break the cycle of disadvantage and poverty for migrant children by providing protection, education, healthcare and opportunities.

Children of the Forest is located in Sangkhlaburi, 19 km from the Thai-Burma border, an area where stateless children face a life entrenched in poverty and danger.

Here children are born without any form of identification, they don’t exist on paper and that leave them without any rights to school, hospital and they won’t be missed by the “system” if they disappear. That make them target for cheap labour and trafficking.

Children of the forest help them to have access to free school, meal protections and health care as well as provides youth development and vocational training. This education empowers them to a safe, self-sufficient and fulfilling future. We give them reason to be somebody and feel awesome!

BHIP supports Children of the Forest with care, donation, collections of clothes, food, medicine and money. But most importantly we support the people working on this project with our encouragement and genuine interest in continuing the success story. We help +800 children and mothers every day with protections and education.

Everyone is welcome to visit COF and see how little it takes for you to make a big difference in the life of the numerous stateless children up in the forest.

You can be proud to be a part of a company that cares and makes such an effort to support children in need!