B:hip is extremely proud to be working with committed ambassadors around the world, providing sponsorship and cooperation to create awareness of all the benefits of using B:hip products. Each and every ambassador is carefully chosen for their values, morals and ethics.

Our ambassadors strive to make the B:hip brand more visible by influencing potential customers all over the world. The cooperation between B:hip and the ambassadors is driven by a mutual benefit for both parties, whereas the ambassadors get to reach great sports results by using the products, and B:hip gets visibility on a global platform.

Below you can see an amazing event that B:hip sponsored for Raise to the Top, a charity by Danish actress and director Kira Eggers. Through Raise to the Top, Kira helps raise money for associations that address the needs of children and protects their right to a safe childhood.

The Mont Blanc expedition you can see in this video below was organized to raise money for two organizations: NACOA, a registered charity that provides support to children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism or a similar addictive problem; and Børns Vilkår and organization that helps neglected children of Denmark by providing them with advice, counsel and resources to find their place in society.